About Us

Mediderm Laboratories was founded in 1999, specialized in personal care manufacturing. We use latest technologies, herbal & botanical extracts and pure plants oils in order to develop powerful and highly effective synergistic combinations which are to be used topically as solutions for skin, body and hair conditions, too look and feel good.

At the Mediderm Laboratories, we value our clients highly, we understand that our clients entrust their skin care/ body care/ hair care and personal care needs to our capable hands and this is why we always strive to provide you with the best and most effective products made from top quality ingredients.

We have gone through great lengths to produce products, which are far more effective than any existing consumer products you would typically find in the market today.

For years Mediderm have helped other companies developing their own products/ brands ( cosmetic contract manufacturing and private label) with the vast expertise of our founder, Lina Twaian, a retired physician, with her amazing passion for beauty/ health and wellness, she worked on countless new products developments and helped many other cosmetic and personal care companies to launch new successful brands.

Mediderm Laboratories offers two brands, Mediderm and 7 Jardins.

Mediderm Brand is based on latest technologies including delivery systems and peptides along with natural extracts and paraben free, cruelty free, Mediderm brand consists of 40 products that target all skin types and most skin issues.

7 Jardins Brand is based on pure and natural concept, using only plants based actives with no animal actives or artificial man made ingredients, it has no petrolatum products, no silicones, no paraben, no formaldehyde added, no artificial scents or perfumes (only 100% pure therapeutic essential oils used), no artificial colors, gluten free, wheat free, nut free and cruelty free.

Mediderm Laboratories offers free shipping for all retail products of $8 and over within US except HI and AK (HI and AK cost $7 in most cases) and just recently Mediderm partnered with a major shipping company and started offering international shipping for any order over $8 for only $7 shipping cost.

We also offer shipping to 50 countries for only $10 except Japan ($25).

By end of July.2017 we will start shipping directly to mainland China for $12 only on all orders.