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eye bag dark circle treatment gel cream

Ask medical professionals and they will tell you that, although many of us develop distinctive puffing and swelling around the eye when extremely fatigued, suffering allergies or when the eyes are irritated, it can also be an issue that develops due to age. The Mayo Clinic explains that bags under the eye are "common as you age." They go on to explain that the soft tissue around the eyes, even the muscles of the eyelids, tend to weaken over the years. This allows the small amounts of fat meant to support and pad the eye area to pool and accumulate beneath the eye. This swells the eyelid and creates risk for further pooling of fats and fluids; something most of us call "under eye bags".

eye bag dark circle cream gel

Rarely a sign of health issues, under eye bags can become a chronic cosmetic concerns and over time can cause worsening circulation beneath the eye, and that can lead to dark circles in addition to bags. For centuries, people have tried to create at home remedies to reduce the problem, including placing slices of cucumbers, cool compresses and all kinds of homemade formulas. Many also change their diet or take medications to try and reduce irritations and fluid, but it is still an issue linked mostly to aging. That makes the Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser a great find for anyone with this unwelcome issue.

Clinically Proven to Reduce Eye Bags and Dark Circles
This unique formula has shown amazing benefits in formal clinical trials and studies with 70% of subjects' eye bags visibly reduced with only 28 days of use. Interestingly enough, the formula provides the proverbial "one-two punch" to the condition because it also features haloxyl as an active ingredient. This is one of the few natural compounds proven to have any effect on under eye circles. Though there are many with dark circles due to hereditary conditions that cause blood to pool beneath the eye, many more experience discoloration due to irritation and swelling.
When using the Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser, many subjects with dark circles noted that these were dramatically reduced and that the skin had become significantly firmer. The product also uses patented Syn-Coll peptide, which directly targets fine lines and crow's feet that appear quickly in the crepey skin at the edges and under eye area, and which can be worsened by eye bags.

How It Works
The Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser formula can provide so many benefits because it relies on peptides as primary ingredients. As Consumer Health Digest points out, that as aging "skin loses its supply of collagen, peptides tell the [connective tissues that produce collagen] to create more collagen so the skin becomes suppler and firmer." Applying them to the area around the eye tricks the skin into thinking that it must begin pumping out more beneficial and natural collagen. The result is that dark circles, lines and wrinkles and heavy under eye bags all begin to shrink or fade. Peptides trigger processes that allow the skin around the eyes to tighten, ensuring that your entire eye area takes on a far more youthful and lively appearance.

Another reason that this product improves the look of the eye is that it also causes enhanced circulation around the eye. That means that even those with hereditary under eye darkness and bags will see distinct amounts of improvement as the product gets the capillaries and blood vessels to drain and function properly.
If used on a regular (daily) basis, it will also reduce the risk of those same dark circles, lines and under eye bags from reappearing.

Daily Regimen

The use of an under eye product, however, means you must create an effective daily skin care regimen. That includes the use of gentle but effective cleansers chosen for your skin type and any conditions. Skin prone to breakouts or acne infections may benefit from clinical toners, but do be careful as these may also dry out the skin due to their high amounts of alcohol.
Once skin is cleansed it is time to use products like the Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser formula. Use very gentle circular motions to ensure it coats the entire under eye area, beginning close to the tear duct and moving out to the crow's feet area. Be sure to also spread it beneath the lowest line of the under eye bag to get the beneficial skin tightening and circulatory improvement.
Allow this formula to sit without any further product applied for four or five minutes. Once it has dried fully, you can then apply a skin moisturizer or other products. Always make a moisturizer with sun block the finishing touch of your daily regimen.

Other Steps to Take

It can be difficult to undo the damages time brings to the skin, but no matter how severe your under eye discoloration, crow's feet or under eye bags might be, a product that uses natural and beneficial peptides is sure to help. The Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser formula uses peptides to create measurable results and it is sure to help you.

Of course, you can also reduce your under eye bags, discoloration and swelling by taking note of any circumstances that might worsen them. As a prime example, many people notice that any bags beneath their eyes worsen during allergy season, if they are not getting adequate sleep, if they are continually dehydrated, during hot weather, and if they consume too many salty foods. Paying attention to the triggers that worsen your symptoms is a good way to enhance the benefits of the cream as it allows you to eliminate those issues and let the cream really do its work.