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If you ask consumer and health experts, most agree that the term anti-aging has many different meanings, but is also left with a sort of vague definition. It can be very confusing if you are shopping for anti-aging products because it makes it tough to know what to look for in terms of expectations, performance and ingredients.  The technical definition is simply a product or process that is meant to "delay, stop or retard the aging process". This still makes it tough to know which anti-aging products are the best.

If you ask those same experts, they would tell you that the human body is made of many cells, and that aging is simply cellular death that our bodies cannot keep up with. For instance, when we are babies, our body's cells are very resilient and can make and re-make themselves rapidly. However, as we age, the body doesn't have that same capacity for making new cells, and as we lose cells to cellular death, we can describe the changes those cell deaths create as aging.

So, if we want the best anti-aging products, they have to be designed to help our bodies make or re-make cells that might have been lost due to aging. If we are talking about anti-aging products for the skin, it means we need to do a bit of in-depth reading about each product and see if it can, indeed help to trigger new cell production.

Skin, Aging and Anti-Aging Products
What are the signs of aging in your skin? Most of us know that our skin is going to do things like develop lines and wrinkles, but what else? The skin benefits from effective anti-aging products because they can overcome signs of aging such as:

  • Loss of elasticity
  • Fading and dullness
  • Changes in pigmentation (i.e. age or liver spots)
  • Damages due to lifestyle choices or environmental issues
  • Changes due to sun exposure
  • Damages done by exposure to seasonal conditions
  • Issues that occur due to loss of healthier circulation (such as some deep circles under the eye)

Do all anti-aging products help with all of those issues? No, but a producer of high quality anti-aging products will have formulas that look at many of these problems and offer effective solutions to them.

Consider the Mediderm anti-aging products. They are found in a wide array of formulas and systems, but they actually address each of the issues above. They can be used as a daily skin care regimen to help you with the problems caused by aging and even "jumpstart" the skin to begin producing healthier and more youthful cells and elastin.

Getting Started with Anti-Aging Products
Speak with skin care experts, and most tell you that it is important that you develop a strong daily routine for optimal skin care. It is a routine that does not have to complex, costly or time-consuming, but it should happen twice daily and involve:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Specialty treatments or serums
  • Moisturizing
  • Sun protection

So, your day time routine would begin with a cleanser selected for your skin type and any special conditions you might have, a toner that helps to give the skin the best texture and even pores, and then any day or night treatments such as under eye circle treatments or fading creams, and then a moisturizing cream with SPF protection (daytime) or a healing moisturizer at night.

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A simple illustration of a day time regimen for those with dry and aging skin to follow would look like this:

If you wear makeup, you will want to apply the makeup after all of the skin care products, even allowing them to sit for around ten minutes before applying anything on top of them.

If it were evening time, you would want to find products that aimed at repairing skin and overcoming some of those signs of aging as you sleep. They make an array of innovative night time treatments including deep repair products for those who may have worsened aging by having habits such as sunbathing, smoking or eating an unhealthy diet. The Mediderm NanoVera+ Intensive Skin Therapy Cream - Anti-aging Cream is an ideal day and night cream because it offers intense moisturizing in addition to working to combat the signs of aging.

Remember, too, that one of the best ways to overcome signs of aging and get the most potent anti-aging treatment available is to use a chemical peel. You do not have to go to a skin care professional to get this done when you use a safely formulated product like the Mediderm Peel Rx Glycolic Acid 10% formula. When used properly, this binds to dead and dull skin cells and removes them. It then cues the healthier and younger skin cells to make their way to the surface and kick starts the skin's production of collagen, which restores and improves elasticity - a great way to undo aging in the skin!