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If you are someone who has noticed the first signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles around the eyes or a set of lines on either side of your mouth (threatening to eventually form jowls), you probably have given some thought to a facelift or even some sort of instant facelift products. Very few of us are happy about the signs of aging on the body and face, and most have (but may not admit) to considering actually doing something about it. Facelifts are one of those first steps we can take to undo aging, and yet, there are a few points to consider when thinking about them:

Just what is a facelift?

  • Does it improve the conditions in the skin?
  • Will it slow the aging of the skin or undo certain issues?
  • Are there any alternatives to surgery?

Let's consider that last point first as it is the topic we'll focus on for the majority of this article. There are alternatives to surgical interventions such as a facelift, and it might be surprising to discover that they may provide a superior result. How? Generally, they don't provide as radical a change as surgery, but they do improve the skin at more than just the surface level. This is the key to better looking skin over the long term, and that is why we recommend you always consider a good instant facelift product before investing in surgical procedures.
Now, about those surgical procedures…

The Facelift versus the Instant Facelift

If you talk to experts, they'll say that a skilled cosmetic surgeon can help you combat the effects of time and gravity and overcome some early signs of aging with a facelift. They explain that the facelift is a "surgery [that] lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance… By removing excess, sagging skin, smoothing deep folds, and lifting and tightening the deep facial tissues…"

So, it is really mechanical and is done by making incisions along the hairline (near the temples and in front of the ear) and then tissues beneath the skin are pulled, tightened or even removed, to give your face and neck more contouring. Surgical techniques vary but generally your skin is actually "lifted" and stitched to give it a tighter and younger look.

Now, if you read that and it fills you with dread or horror, you are not alone. Fortunately, there is the instant facelift that is done using a high-quality product or set of products. While you can often find a product touting itself as an instant facelift, the results really do depend on the general quality of your skin. If you do not take care of your skin by giving it a good daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing, even the premium instant facelift formulas won't yield the best results.

However, if you use a line of products that work alongside a good instant facelift product, you can see radical improvements in the look and condition of the skin. This is something that a surgical treatment cannot do, it just cannot improve the texture and general health of your skin.

As one skin expert said, instant facelift formulas work by "tightening the skin to provide a temporary lift…[but] to get the most out of any product" you will require clean skin, smart application methods, and patience.

Using an Instant Facelift

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As an example of a premium product of this kind, consider the Mediderm Instant Face Lift Concentrate. It rates highly as it uses a specialized "tensile matrix that helps lift and tighten the skin for a visibly younger and youthful appearance". Those who use it note that it doesn't just tighten skin, but it also helps to smooth fine lines and even some deeper wrinkles. It also uses a proprietary blend of herbal extracts to improve the conditions of the skin.

It is best paired with a potent anti-aging cream and moisturizer. The Mediderm MD-12 Advanced Anti Aging Cream is for the face and neck and can be applied after you have cleaned and toned the skin, and if you want a cream to use during the night time hours, the Mediderm Rx All Night Nutri Cream is a good choice. Designed to combat the signs of aging, it can let you wake with skin already in great condition and ready for a quick morning cleanse and application of the instant facelift.

To use an instant facelift most effectively, remember, you also have to know the best way to apply it. Here is the most frequently recommended method for the best results:

  • Clean the skin and allow it to dry on its own for a few moments
  • Apply any moisturizers, but do not apply anything else.
  • Lay down on a bed or flat surface and allow gravity to help pull your face back and up and apply the product while your skin is in this optimal position.
  • Apply it working away from the center of the face and upward towards the hairline and the upper ends of your cheekbones. Remember, the goal is to apply the product in a way that it helps to lift and hold your face in a less sagging and smooth skinned way.
  • Wait about ten minutes (laying down) to allow the product to set fully
  • Once it is dry, you can then apply other products such as makeup and sun block

The Tensile Matrix of the Mediderm formula actually sinks into the skin and, when laying down, it will hold your skin in that ideal positioning, and you'll notice that any fine lines and wrinkles are gone. While this is not a permanent fix, you can use such effective and strong formulas on a daily basis and will find that with the frequent cleansing, toning and gentle massaging used to apply the facelift product will start make positive changes in the overall condition of the skin, which is something you don't get as a side effect of surgical treatments!