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Whether you call them smile lines, laugh lines or anything else, very few of us like to see the earliest signs of aging on our faces. The good news is that these fine lines and wrinkles (and in some cases even more serious or set lines and wrinkles) can be reduced or eliminated if you use the right skincare regimen. While a time machine that allows us to go back to the moment we stopped using sun block or decided to wait to use proper skin creams and serums would be the best way to undo the damage, you don't need a time machine if you have premium anti-aging compounds available.
These are ingredients or agents that can actually trigger your skin to restore and renew itself just as it did in your earlier years. And, with regular application can tighten, firm and restore the skin at almost any age. Some of the most well known ingredients for offering these anti-aging benefits include:
Caviar extract
Marine collagen
Marine elastin
Hyaluronic acid

And as you might already recognize, the quality of the ingredients is as important as their use in any sort of formula. That is why the savviest shoppers always look for domestically made products with "GMP" compliance. That acronym stands for good manufacturing practices and ensures that a product is made according to the highest quality standards. Those standards apply to the sourcing of ingredients, their handling, the actual making of the product, the packaging and more. Buying GMP and FDA certified means buying the very best.

That is why the MediDerm Luxury Cellular Firming, Anti Aging Caviar & Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate/ Serum will be of interest to anyone looking for the best product to work deep down at the cellular level. Made of premium ingredients under GMP compliance, it is effective where skin firming, hydration, rejuvenation and anti-aging are concerned, and is considered a "triple action" formula. It penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin, offering support where it is most needed; ensuring skin can regain its moisture, tone and radiance.

Can You Get a Face Lift in a Bottle?

face lift anti-aging serum

Though it is remarkably effective and called a face lift in a bottle by many, the MediDerm Luxury Cellular Firming, Anti Aging Caviar & Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate/ Serum is lightweight enough to be used every day or night. Yet, it is still beneficial for buyers to really understand those premium anti-aging compounds that make it so useful to all skin types.
Let's begin with the caviar extract because that often confuses many. You may find yourself asking just how or why caviar would end up in your skin care product, and there actually several good reasons for it. If you speak with medical professionals, they will say that caviar extract (made from the eggs of sturgeon fish) is:

  • High in antioxidants that protect skin from UVA and UVB rays, which ensure you don't suffer breakdown in your skin's collagen and elastin
  • Great for reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Intensely moisturizing thanks to its high amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and these leave skin plumper and far more youthful in appearance
  • Great for trapping moisture and serving as a protective barrier against toxins, oils and other harmful compounds

Then there are marine collagens and marine elastins. They are both key proteins in the skin, but are found in lower levels as we age. Collagen is what makes the skin plump and radiant, while elastin does as its name implies and makes the skin more flexible and elastic. However, age and sun exposure cause the skin to thin, sag and lose its youthful appearance. It loses tightness and tone, and looks unhealthy or aged. Fortunately, collagens and elastins from natural marine sources are some of the best at recovering these lost quality, and that is because they highly bioavailable, meaning they are readily absorbed by the body.
Lastly, there is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance in our skin and which is important for retaining moisture. If you have enough of it, your skin is going to look much healthier and more youthful. However, aging skin tends to lose the ability to hold moisture, and this is when we lose that desirable firmness and plumpness. That is why a ready supply of hyaluronic acid is so helpful, as it keeps the outer layer of the skin amply supplied with moisture and replenishes skin cells that have lost most of their moisture.
If your skin care regimen does not include a triple action serum such as the MediDerm Luxury Cellular Firming, Anti Aging Caviar & Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate/ Serum, you will want to ensure you add it to the daily line up. Apply it after cleansing and toning but before your moisturizer and see how it begins to transform your skin. You will notice that fine lines are filled in with plumper, healthier cells and that even wrinkles fade and lessen as skin is restored, revitalized and moisturized deep down at the cellular level.
You cannot take a time machine to a point in time when your skin was undamaged, but you can use this face lift in a bottle to get almost the same results.