Posted by Lina Twaian

We love September for many reasons: the start of Fall, pumpkin spice lattes (call us basic all you want, but they're so damn addictive!) and all our favorite TV shows coming back to our screens. But most importantly, here at the Mediderm HQ, we love September because it's Fashion Month! 

There's something so gratifying about lusting over all the different street style looks from all over the major fashion cities and of course, it goes without saying, we love the main attraction itself: the runway shows! This is when we get our style and beauty notebooks out to take notes on the latest forecast on trends, unique styles and gorgeous looks that catch our eyes (and make our credit cards jump in excitement!). 

Here are some of our favorite beauty looks from the NYFW Spring/Summer 2017 shows: 

Standout Gold Rose Eyes at Michael Costello 

A welcome update to the dark smokey eye, at Michael Costello, it was all about drawing attention to the eyes in a lighter, more modern fashion. Blushing gold rose eye makeup at first glance may seem a little too dramatic for everyday but is actually quite easy to translate to the real way while still attaining the edgy vibes of the all-black smokey eye. 


Ultra Matte Lips at Creatures of the Wind 

Arguably one of the biggest beauty trend of late -- no thanks to a certain Miss Jenner -- it seems that the matte lip trend is here to stay. At Creatures of the Wind, the classic red lip is lined with a pop of bright fuchsia, blotted and powdered down into the perfect matte lip. We're happy to see this trend persist, it's fuss-free and doesn't budge, what's not to love?


Wet Hair, Don't Care at Altuzarra 

We've been seeing Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian rocking this trend and while we're super tempted to give this trend a go, we have to admit, we're a little hesitant. It's quite a hard look to pull off -- often people will think you've just committed a fashion faux pas or you would come off looking like you've just got really oily hair -- definitely not chic. We're leaving this one to the experts and celebrities, but we definitely love this beauty look! 


Glowing Girl Next Door at Tommy Hilfiger

One of the runway shows we were most looking forward to was the Tommy Hilfiger one. For this show, Gigi Hadid creative directed and even designed a few key looks! In the beauty department, we loved that the makeup look stayed true to Gigi Hadid's Cali-Girl vibes that we fell in love with. Tousled beachy waves with barely-there-makeup and the most gorgeous glow has us wishing it was still summer! 


Au Naturale at Vera Wang

The most constant trend across most of the NYFW shows were the natural bare faced looks and we absolutely love that! Of course, as a skincare company, we know that makeup can be quite the fiend to the skin (especially if you're the type to accidentally fall asleep in your makeup -- hey, it happens to the best of us), so we're especially glad to see this trend coming out on top at NYFW. Our tip? Just a teensy bit of tinted moisturizer (bonus points if you have one with SPF loaded), a subtle stroke of a little blush and a sexy hint of tinted moisturizing lip balm can go a long way!


Stay tuned! We'll be sharing our favorite street style looks from London Fashion Week in our next post. Xo