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nano skin care

If you are eager to discover if advances in nanotechnology and more intensive skin care, you should consider yourself very forward thinking! Nanotechnology is "science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers." While that doesn't actually tell you a lot, it does give away one hint as to the reason it is part of intensive skin care. Nanotechnology operates at the tiniest scale, and emphasizes extremely small things.
As one writer explained, it is not a new science, but it is one we are only now beginning to apply to intensive skin care. "Nanoscale materials were used for centuries. Alternate-sized gold and silver particles created colors in the stained glass windows of medieval churches hundreds of years ago. The artists back then just didn’t know that the process they used to create these beautiful works of art actually led to changes in the composition of the materials they were working with.
Today's scientists and engineers are finding a wide variety of ways to deliberately make materials at the nanoscale to take advantage of their enhanced properties such as higher strength, lighter weight, increased control of light spectrum, and greater chemical reactivity than their larger-scale counterparts."
That can help most of us understand how nanotechnology might be used to create intensive skin care. If materials are tiny enough to penetrate into the cells of the skin, and work their way even deeper than the outermost layers, it promises much more effective remedies to issues like:

  • Dry skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of natural elastin
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Cellular degeneration

nanovera skin anti wrinkle cream

This is why the two nanotechnology options from Mediderm are so exciting.
The Mediderm NanoVera+ Intensive Skin Therapy Cream offers optimal and intensive skin care by combining the power of natural aloe vera with nanotechnology. This is a formula that can do more than hydrate surface cells. It is a potent dry skin, anti-aging and healing formula. Meant to undo early signs of aging it is also dependable for those struggling with dull or lifeless skin.
The way it works is two-fold. The first phase is the use of the nanotechnology to transfer the healing and hydrating powers of aloe vera deep into the skin. Once in the skin cells, aloe very is amazing for overcoming many skin issues and locking in moisture. The formula also has ten active ingredients that have also benefited from nanotechnology by being reduced to nanoparticle sizes and far more easily penetrating and releasing into the skin.

Unlike many intensive skin care products, this formula has no risk of irritating the skin as it has that enhanced penetration that allows the beneficial ingredients to quickly sink into the skin and only then release their healing agents.

There is also the Mediderm NanoVera+ Intensive Skin Therapy Cream - Anti-aging Cream that relies on the same basic formulation as the Mediderm NanoVera+ Intensive Skin Therapy Cream, but with the added benefits of anti-aging ingredients which have also been reduced to nanoparticles in order to provide intensive skin care and anti-aging healing and protection.
This formula includes a long list of antioxidant ingredients that can undo and combat many signs of aging. You can use it as intensive skin care or a multi-purpose formula. Apply it at night or rely on it as your daily moisturizer and night time repair secret. It offers premium dermal protection that can serve as a barrier against free radicals while retaining moisture and healing agents deep in the cells. This paraben free formula is also packed with botanical extracts and peptide proteins that penetrate deep and get to work overcoming signs of aging or skin damage upon application.

How Nanotechnology Can Rejuvenate
Many will tell you that even the finest or most intensive skin care cannot help to undo signs of aging, but that is not the case. The nanotechnology used in both formulas promises to send the carefully chosen ingredients deep into the skin. There, the active agents can start to work their magic. The fact that the formula does get deeper than other options is what makes the difference.
Once intensive skin care ingredients are present in the tissue, they will start to trigger an array of responses. These natural responses are what can undo so many of the signs of aging and even damages to the skin. As the biggest illustration of this, consider collagen. This is what keeps our skin so elastic and dewy in our younger years. As we age, and as skin is damaged by UV exposure, collagen production declines.

Even more appealing is the fact that the Mediderm NanoVera+ formulas are paraben free, produced under the strictest GMP manufacturing and use such potent ingredients as multi peptides for replacing and restoring collagen; hydrolyzed wheat proteins for intense hydration; antioxidants to improve sagging skin and combat inflammation; and phospholipids that protect the skin from exposure to elements as well as improving texture.

If you have yet to see any signs of aging, the Intensive Skin Cream is a great place to start. Pair it with a good daily cleansing regimen and also reapply at night after cleansing and toning are done. However, if those first unwanted fine lines have appeared, or if you see more pigmentation issues or damages from UV exposure, the Anti-Aging option is for you. Use it day and night and you will almost immediately see skin restored to that healthier glow and far more youthful look that it had before time and exposure led to unwanted, but reversible, changes.