Posted by Lina Twaian

Can you smell that? 

Yes. That’s summer right around the corner… just a mere three week, you guys! Are you ready? 

More importantly, is your skin vacay-ready? 

Don’t worry, ladies.  The next three weeks is plenty of time to get your skin prepped for all the sun soaking, salt water splashing, cocktails by the beach days… For now, you may think that your current beauty routine will be enough, but come the hotter days, you’ll find that you’ll need to add a fair few beauty complements to your beauty regimen.

Here’s three of our best products to add to your summertime beauty routine right now:


Glow Renewal Enzyme Blackhead Peel Off Mask

Hello, summer is all about a glowing complexion! This super easy-to-use mask is a summer necessity for us here at the Mediderm offices. We love it because it works miracles in less than 15 minutes! The Glow Renewal Enzyme Blackhead Peel Off Mask is a very effective skin care mask that can help you with blackheads, whiteheads and to get rid of your skin discolorations and dark pigmentation as well as give you an instant glow and skin renewal, all in one mask. It can easily be used to effectively remove the dull, old and outermost layers of your skin which have taken direct damage or the most exposure.

Sensitive Regenerative Moisturizer

Again, we’re going for that healthy glowing sun-kissed look for summer and the way to get that is: hydration, hydration, hydration. While you need to make sure that you keep hydrated by drinking loads of water, remember, your skin needs a drink as well — of a potent moisturizer, that is. The Sensitive Skin Moisturizer  delivers a huge surge of vitality in order to help restore your skin to peak conditioning. It provides deep skin hydration and at the same time, it helps repair and protect your skin.

Sun Shield SPF 30 Cream

Now, we can’t write a post about summer beauty without dedicating a section of it to sun protection, could we? Don’t let your fun in the sun turn into regret once those pesky age spots surface, ladies! Prevention is better than cure, so slap some SPF on before you head off for your beach day. The Sun Shield SPF 30 Cream does not only help protect your skin from sunburns, sun damage and other irritants, it also supports your whitening treatments and at the same time, it also helps you avoid the visible signs of skin aging.


What is your summer beauty complement?