Posted by Lina Twaian

How to get your makeup to last longer

Hands up if by the end of a long day at the office, you’re in dire need of touchup and find that your base makeup has completely disappeared? Don’t worry ladies, you’re not alone. We’ve all had this problem before — which explains why we tote along a bag big enough to house our makeup bags. If you think that a quality foundation, makeup primer and finishing spray is all you need to ensure your makeup goes a long way… you’re only half right. 

Let us explain. 

Makeup prep starts even before you start applying your primer or foundation; it all begins with your morning skincare routine. A flawless makeup look truly starts with good skin care. A competent skin care routine is essential in ensuring that makeup applies, looks and wears exactly as it is advertised. 

Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind that’ll ensure your makeup goes the extra mile: 

    • Start with a gentle cleanser — like Mediderm’s Hydra Cleanser — that deeply cleanses your skin of dead skin, excess oil and other impurities, without stripping your skin of it’s natural moisture. Excess oil and impurities on the skin’s surface can affect the performance of your foundation.
    • Be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly. Opt for a gentle toner like the Purifying Balancing Toner that helps balance your skin’s oil production. Additionally, give your skin a good polish with an exfoliator like Mediderm’s Microdermabrasion Polish.
    • This is one of our best kept secrets! For the next step, most people opt for a foundation primer. However a primer as such is optional and more often than not, unnecessary especially if you use a miracle product like Mediderm’s Pore Minimizer Serum! The idea behind primer is to ensure the skin’s surface is smoothen so cosmetic products can glide on and stay on much easier. The Pore Minimizer Serum does exactly the same and more your skin! 

pore minimizer serum

  • There are plenty of foundation and concealer types to choose from. It goes without saying that it’s super important to choose a foundation and concealer that it suitable for your skin type. For example, if your skin is often dry, opt for a dewy finish foundation. 
  • It’s in the tool too, ladies! We know, we know, it’s just simpler to apply makeup with your fingers. But if you truly want your makeup to stay on for longer, you need to be using the right tools. Proper techniques will make sure that your foundation and concealer at its peak performance level. 
  • Keep on blotting and hands off! Keep blotting papers on hand to keep excess oil at bay and just be sure to not touch your face too much during the day. I know it sounds silly, but once you take notice of it, you'd be surprise by how many times you touch your face in a day! 

And there you have it: six easy to follow tips that will help you get from the office to hot date night without any makeup reapplication necessary!