Posted by Lina Twaian

Every woman aspires to have gorgeous glowing skin. So much so that they spend hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars on expensive beauty products. Most certainly, topical beauty products applied on the skin's surface plays a crucial role in one’s pursuit of a flawless complexion. However, it is equally important to be mindful of your diet and what you consume in tandem with your reliable skin care regimen. 

The good news is that there are plenty of foods that are just as good for your skin as it is delicious. Here is a beauty infographic of the 10 foods packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants to add to your diet that will have complexion looking better than ever before:

Deserving of honourable mention is of course, water. Loads of it. We know you know this, but we feel oblige to remind you every chance we get: water is IMPORTANT for beautiful skin, so keep hydrated ladies! Supercharge your water consumption by infusing it with your favourite berries, citrus, herbs and vegetables. Delicious!

Here's to beautiful healthy skin!