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The Mediderm® Best Skin Whitening Products

WhiteDerm Resurface Enzyme Fading Mask
WhiteDerm Resurface Enzyme Fading Mask
Our Price: $63.00

Amazing product that helps get rid of Skin discolorations, blemishes and skin pigmentation.
skin whitener cream- Potent Skin Fading Cream, A+, for freckles, melasma, skin pigmentation, liver spots, brown spots
WhiteDerm Potent Skin Fading Cream, A+
Our Price: $114.00

Amazing Skin whitening product that allows you to have fairer, whiter skin without the skin discolorations and other pigmentation problems.
Super C 20% Complex
Super C 20% Complex
Our Price: $144.00

Gives you a potent dose of Vitamin C that allows your skin to deal with skin discolorations, blemishes and damage.
WhiteDerm Fading Cleansing Milk- for pigmentation, skin lightening, skin whitening, melasma, freckles, liver spots, dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, general lightening and uneven skin tone, discoloration, skin brightening, works fast
WhiteDerm Fading Cleansing Milk
Our Price: $35.00

Potent cleansing milk that cleanses your skin and provides skin whitening benefits at the same time.
WhiteDerm Fading Firming Toner
WhiteDerm Fading Firming Toner
Our Price: $35.00

Specifically formulated for Skin Whitening. Helps lighten skin pigmentation and also helps you get rid of dark spots, fine wrinkles and minor scars.
super skin fading concentrate
WhiteDerm Super Skin Fading Concentrate, B+
Our Price: $114.00

Amazing skin whitening product which helps fade or lighten skin discolorations by utilizing B+ vitamins to decrease the size of dark spots as well as its color intensity.
Microdermabrasion Polish
Microdermabrasion Polish
Our Price: $38.00

An amazing skin exfoliation product that allows you to reveal younger-looking and beautiful skin underneath.
WhiteDerm Peel Rx Cream
WhiteDerm Peel Rx Cream
Our Price: $96.00

Contains luxurious, nutrient-rich ingredients and potent whitening compounds for effective skin whitening and bright, even as well as fair results.
WhiteDerm Sun Shield SPF 30 Cream
WhiteDerm Sun Shield SPF 30 Cream
Our Price: $72.00

Super-effective sunscreen product that can help lighten your skin and protect it from sun damage at the same time.
WhiteDerm Skin Whitening Kit 1
WhiteDerm Skin Whitening Kit
Our Price: $290.00

Mediderm®’s most comprehensive skin whitening product line. Gives you amazingly white and beautiful skin.

Dealing with Skin Pigmentation Problems with Mediderm®’s Amazing Skin Whitening Products for Uneven Skin Tones, Freckles, Pigmentation and Other Skin Discolorations

Skin pigmentation problems, patches of skin discolorations as well as an uneven skin tone is oftentimes a serious issue that people will need to deal with as soon as possible. This is simply because of the fact that they may be signs of serious problems such as skin cancer and at the same time, they are also quite unsightly. There are many contributing factors that can result in skin pigmentation issues, and though the prolonged exposure to sunlight is the most common cause, dark spots can also be caused by past acne problems and an uneven skin tone can be caused by one’s inherited genes.

Mediderm® knows exactly how difficult it can be when you have to deal with skin pigmentation issues day in and day out, this is why we have spent years trying to develop effective skin whitening products against skin pigmentation with the help of our very own skin bleaching and skin whitening products. Our whitening line can easily help you get rid of different skin discoloration problems effectively unlike any other skin whitening products available in the market today.

Our whitening line utilizes our very own proprietary breakthroughs and skin care advancements which helps you deal with skin pigmentation and get whiter and fairer skin simply by targeting discoloured skin cells and pigmentations; and instead of acting on the problem by using tyrosinase inhibitors, our products are able to provide you with amazing results simply because it acts directly on your melanin synthesis genes.

Synergistic Skin Whitening Effects

As a combination of over 14 skin fading and whitening ingredients, different botanical extracts as well as our very own whitening agent, the WhiteDerm XT, our skin lightening products are able to provide you with a powerful synergistic skin whitening effect that can easily help you get rid of uneven skin tones, skin discolorations left behind by acne and even age or liver spots caused by premature skin aging. Our skin whitening treatments are all hydroquinone-free and they all come from select, natural and proven-effective ingredients.

And what makes our skin whitening products beyond comparison to your OTC or typical skin whitening creams is that it utilizes a unique delivery system which allows your skin to absorb its active ingredients specifically on the areas where it is needed the most. This ensures that the products are become a revolutionary whitening system all on their own. As a matter of fact, clients who have utilized our products have noticed that it was able to easily lighten their skin and that their skin never went back as dark as before they started using them.

Mediderm®’s WhiteDerm Skin Whitening Product Line

The WhiteDerm Skin Whitening product line consists of amazing skin lightening products that serve different purposes yet still provide amazing skin whitening effects. Each of these products contain our exclusive whitening agent and they are all specifically formulated to help you get whiter and fairer skin, these products are also very effective when it comes to supporting or supplementing your professional skin whitening treatments.

We have specifically come up with different skin whitening product combinations that we have grouped into kits that will help cater to different skin pigmentation problems, each kit can be utilized to treat discolorations caused by different factors and what’s more, you can actually enjoy big discounts when you purchase our products by kits. Each individual product will truly provide you with a noticeably improved skin tone as it can easily help fade your skin pigmentation problems and discolorations without causing irritations. With as little as one week’s use, you will be able to see brighter, more luminous and beautifully radiant skin.

A Brief Overview of Skin Pigmentation

Whether you believe it or not, something that is only a few Nano-meters thin and only as shallow as the first few layers of our skin can actually determine how people see us and can actually have a huge impact on our lives. Our skin color, though is only a small part of our being, actually has a very big impact even when it comes to how we see ourselves, being the most noticed part of our body as well as the most visible organ, our skin plays a huge role in our lives. And this is exactly why a lot of people are looking to find effective skin care products that can help them get whiter and fairer skin or that can help them resolve skin pigmentation issues.

The slightest discolorations can actually be a sign of pigmentation problems, while some people may have harmless birthmarks and other natural skin discolorations, there are certain skin discolorations and pigmentations which need to be taken seriously as they can be symptoms of medical problems such as Addison’s disease and even skin cancer. Common types of pigmentation problems include the following:

• Freckles
• Age spots
• Sunburns
• Moles
• Acne scars
• Liver spots and etc.

Though considering one skin color to be more beautiful than the rest may very well be a thing of the past, your skin tone as well as the presence of any skin discolorations does speak tons about you especially with regards to your health and hygiene. For this cause, it is very important that one makes sure to take the necessary treatments which can help give you perfectly even skin tone as well as a fairer and more radiant skin.

Knowing More About Melanin

Your skin’s color comes from the pigment known as Melanin, this pigment is produced by melanocyte cells in your skin and basically, its levels are what determines your skin color; also, the darker your skin tone, the more melanin your skin contains. In the case of natural skin discolorations such as freckles, liver spots or beauty marks, a high concentration of melanin is still present; however, they are concentrated only on certain areas of your skin. Melanin is not just important when it comes to your skin color; it actually plays a vital role when it comes to protecting your skin against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

When people are exposed under the sun for prolonged periods of time, the body tries to cope with the exposure and it tries to protect your skin by stimulating melanin production. This is why people who are exposed to sunlight for an extended amount of time either get tanned or sunburns. This also means that people with darker skin are not that easily burned by the sun, it does not however, make them impervious to skin damage and sunburns.

And with regards to skin discolorations, understanding what changes the levels of melanin is the key to dealing with skin pigmentation and is actually the basis for being able to come up with an effective skin bleaching cream or skin whitening product.

How Skin Pigmentations Develop

Since our skin serves so many functions more than just when it comes to its aesthetics, it is important for you to understand that it is sensitive to many different factors such as temperature, and water loss. This means that as soon as your skin gets exposed to UV rays, it automatically signals your melanocytes to produce more melanin in order to help your skin avoid potential damage.

And aside from this simple process that leads to skin pigmentation, it is also possible for your skin to develop white or lighter patches of skin on certain areas also known as hypopigmentation as opposed to having your skin get darker. Other factors that can cause skin pigmentation problems include:

• Premature skin aging that leads to age spots
• Pregnancy which leads to changes in skin color as well as the development of the pregnancy mask
• Menopause or the use of birth control pills which can lead to the development of melasma
• Prolonged exposure to the sun which leads to sun aging
• Sun damage which leads to the formation of dark bands on the neck known as poikiloderma of Civatte
• Auto-immune disorders
• Adverse reaction to certain medications
• Vitamin deficiencies and etc.

Getting Rid of Skin Discolorations

When the use of sunscreens to hold off further damage as well as your body’s natural healing process is not enough, there are certain treatments that might be able to help you get rid of different skin discoloration problems. These treatments include:

• OTC Skin Whitening products – These products are usually in the form of skin bleaching creams and lotions. Though they may no longer contain hydroquinone due to the implementation of regulations which ban this substance due to its toxicity, you need to be very careful of unapproved products which actually do contain hydroquinone simply because they can cause hyperpigmentation and they can be dangerous to your health.

Other products also contain ingredients such as arbutin, kojic acid, and vitamin C; and though they may claim to provide you with skin whitening results, these products typically fail at providing you with any results whatsoever simply because the manufacturer does not know how to utilize these unstable substances to help produce a skin lightening effect.

• Chemical Peels – this treatment helps remove skin pigmentation found on the top layers of your skin, this procedure however, is not advised for individuals who have a dark skin tone as this can trigger the production of more melanin resulting in a much darker skin tone than before.

Done with the utilization of either the alpha hydroxy acid peels (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid peels (BHA), the AHA peel is effective in reducing wrinkles, treating dryness, taming acne, improving skin texture and in balancing out skin pigmentation. BHA peels on the other hand, provide similar results but actually works deeper into the skin’s underlying layers.

• Dermabrasion – is the process of removing the upper layers of your skin through a surgical process, the mechanical removal of the top most layers of your skin can actually be quite tedious and this is why you may need to apply anaesthetic in order to help you deal with the long recovery process. Recommended only for people with a white complexion or a light skin tone, it can help you deal with rough skin, wrinkles and minor pigmentation problems.

• Laser surgery – though this has become the treatment of choice for many, its results can actually be unpredictable, it can easily help you deal with discolorations left behind by acne, age spots and scars. The procedure in general is not a painful one; however, it can be quite costly.

But by far, the best way to treat skin pigmentation problems is by seeing your dermatologist; your doctor can recommend the perfect treatment that will fit specifically to your needs as they are the ones who know what kind of best skin care products your skin needs in order to produce the best results. Mediderm® does have amazing skin whitening products that are all unparalleled by any OTC whitening creams and lotions, you can ask your dermatologist about using them as they can easily be a far better, more effective and much safer alternative than the treatments mentioned above.